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Kylie Minogue admits to "crying every night" after relationship split

Kylie Minogue has revealed that she is past the "crying every night" stage of her relationship breakdown.

The Aussie split from model Andres Velencoso in October last year and the Voice UK coach told Attitude that she still keeps in touch with him.

However, it seems she is beyond the stage of "crying every night", with work providing a welcome distraction.

When asked by Attitude if she is still coming to terms with her split, Minogue said:

"I could be, yeah. I could be for sure. It's not that long ago. I'm past the crying every night stage...Thankfully, Andres and I are still in touch. Obviously, not like we used to be...he's a great guy, and that's important...I'm enjoying that I'm so distracted. I'm not sitting at home pining."

Minogue meanwhile also appears on the cover of Attitude magazine as they celebrate their 20th anniversary.




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