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Kylie Minogue still hopeful of having a family

Kylie Minogue says she hasn't ruled out trying to start a family.

The 46-year-old singer told Australia's OK!, however, that whilst she would like to have children, time is probably against her.

The Aussie said: "I'm still hopeful to have a family.

"But being an older woman I'm realistic, you have to think about it, you can't say you will or you won't because ultimately it isn't up to you."

Minogue added that undergoing treatment for cancer in the mid 2000s has added more doubt about her ability to have children.

She said: "Going through cancer means there's a lot of unknowns - whether you can or can't have children. Cancer doesn't happen and go away and you're done with it.

'For a woman, everyone's story is different. There are a million different versions of a cancer story but, for me, that was something I had to be able to accept back then, which is not what you want to expect.'

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