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Kylie Minogue: 'I'm always affected by rumours or negative press'

Songstress Kylie Minogue has revealed that while she sees herself as a strong woman, she can't help but take it personally when she reads hurtful comments about herself either in the press or online. 

During a new interview with Star Observer, the Australian beauty admitted that she often feels affected by negative articles that have been written about her and the rumour earlier this year that suggested she hadn't paid her backing dancers really got to her:

"That [backing dancers claim] just really put a dampener on everything. It was frustrating and I would hope people know me well enough to know that's just not how I operate. I was kind of dragged into something but we remedied the situation and everyone was taken care of."

"I can't lie, [coverage] happens and just recently I thought I've been down this road before and I'm affected by it. But you just really need to dig deep and part of being an artist is having securities... You just have to get back on the horse."

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