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Kylie Minogue thought she would be a "one-hit wonder"

Sexy singer Kylie Minogue has admitted that she still can't believe it's the 25th anniversary of her successful music career because she never thought it would be so lucrative for her.

Speaking to Britain's Daily Express newspaper, the 'All The Lovers' icon explained that she never saw being a pop star as a path with any real longevity so is proud to have enjoyed such a fantastic run:

"I never thought I would have a 25-year singing career. When I first started singing I was acting and thought that singing would just be another string to my bow."

Minogue even presumed she would be "a one-hit wonder" so the celebration is especially poignant for her and she added:

"Cut to actually releasing the single - I think it was seen as a kind of one-off, a novelty. I'm sure that in most people's minds and I think even in my own I was meant to be a one-hit wonder."

Last month, the superstar was spotted filming a new music video in London although an official announcement on the project is yet to be made.




Watch Minogue's video for 'Get Outta My Way' below: