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Kylie Minogue: 'I'm working on a new album that will be more personal'

Pop icon Kylie Minogue has revealed that despite having only just released a new record, she has already started work on a brand new album.

She dropped 'The Abbey Road Sessions' earlier this week, but is showing no signs of slowing down as she recently told Yahoo! OMG that a new collection of songs is underway and they will be more 'personal':

"I have started work on the next album. Obviously this year has had me focused on other things but when I had a bit of time - actually in January, that long ago - I took my first steps into the studio."

"Next year will be the time to really get stuck in. I don't know studio-wise where [2013] will take me. I imagine it will be as always a mixture of songs I write and songs that come in that are killer tracks that I want."

She added that her new material will probably be dance infused, but with genuine lyrics: "I said earlier in the year that I would love the next album to embrace my inner Ibiza but I think most of them do anyway. It's been interesting this year with a song like 'Flower', which is such a personal song and so different to what people would expect from me."

"But the response to that has been amazing and people have really responded to it being a personal story so I'm keen to find a way where I could marry the two."




Watch behind-the-scenes footage of Minogue's Abbey Road sessions below: