VEVO LIFT star Labrinth sees huge growth in fan base

London: VEVO LIFT star Labrinth sees huge growth in fan base, reveals live footage of his Brighton gig.

For the past eight weeks “Earthquake” and “Pass Out” star Labrinth has been part of the emerging artist promotion VEVO LIFT, which grants unparalleled access to the platform’s huge music video viewing audience.   LIFT contributed:

50MM VEVO editorial promotion impressions deployed

5MM total LIFT video views

12MM total video views during LIFT campaign

36MM total Video Views over lifetime: (+30% increase in views of all videos)

VEVO’s viewing figures since the 6th February LIFT launch show Labrinth received over 12 million video streams.  His Facebook “likes” also increased 155% and Twitter followers 37% over the same period.

Labrinth’s promotion as a LIFT artist is the first aimed at a UK audience, following the promotion’s success breaking British artists in the United States last year.

In 2011 the US version of VEVO LIFT supercharged Jessie J and Tinie Tempah’s careers as they were watched hundreds of millions of times on the platform.

To mark the end of his successful promotion, Labrinth will be announcing the next LIFT artist in a special final video next week.

Watch Labrinth live in Brighton: 


Express Yourself:

Let The Sunshine:

Sweet Riot:

Inaugural UK LIFT Artist, Labrinth said:

“Partnering with VEVO as their LIFT artist has been a great opportunity to show millions of new fans what I do best – making my music.”

"The last eight weeks have been amazing, it was great to have VEVO along to film the Brighton gig and experience the madness.”

Commenting, VEVO’s Director of Programming, Tom Connaughton said: 

“VEVO is all about promoting fresh, homegrown talent. Labrinth is an unbelievable singer, songwriter, musician and producer.  We are proud to have him as our first UK LIFT artist. It's been amazing to be able to showcase the incredible breadth of his talent to our audience."

Genevieve Ampaduh, Head of Digital Marketing, Syco Music

Labrinth is a multi-talented, multi-faceted character. VEVO LIFT has provided the perfect platform to allow fans to explore the different sides of Lab and get closer to him and his music.

Following Lab via VEVO LIFT during this incredibly exciting time in his career has helped create a deep connection between Lab and his fans”



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