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Lady Gaga explains 'G.U.Y.' video: "It is sort of a metaphor for my life"

Lady Gaga has explained the thinking behind her new video.

The singer recently unleashed an eleven minute promo clip for her upcoming single 'G.U.Y.'.

It took six days to shoot and Gaga told Sirius XM that she wanted the video to act as a "journey".

However, she added that the clip reflects her own experiences and transition in life.

Gaga said: "The video is a journey... written like a visual story. But it is sort of a metaphor for my life and the many things I've been through. It's indicative of how disorientated I feel in my experience of pop culture and the pedestals we put people on. I'm snapped back into reality with the water and reality television." 

She added: "There are some really artistic images and some really pop ones. I think the trick is to watch it a few times and you'll catch something different each time.It's ok to be confused because the intention was there for to be a hallucinogenic quality when you're watching it, like pop culture acid. There is a method to my madness but truly I just want everyone to enjoy it."

Watch the video below: