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Lady Gaga has struggled with understanding her sexuality her "whole life"

Lady Gaga has been talking about the role that gender and sexuality play in her art and image.

The ‘G.U.Y.’ star – who celebrated her 28th birthday on March 28 – conducted an interview with PORTER magazine and posed for a cover photo shoot.

Behind-the-scenes footage from Lady Gaga’s session with PORTER sees the New York singer playing a piano rendition of ‘Artpop’ and talking about her identity.

Gaga says: “My sexuality just doesn’t play a very big part in my life like that. It’s much more of like a animalistic, pure thing and I struggled with understanding it my whole life because I felt more connected to male artists, more connected to rock ‘n’ roll, more connected to glam culture.”

On the subject of femininity she states: “The way I learned about it growing up, I just didn’t feel comfortable in it… We tried wigs on today and the ones that were maybe more girly or pretty, it was like I felt uncomfortable because that’s just not how I see my music and there’s a certain power in ignoring any sort of pretence about sexual orientation or gender.”

Lady Gaga concluded with: “Some people are really driven by their sexuality and its part of who they are, it’s just not for me.”

Lady Gaga will appear on the spring/summer cover of PORTER magazine.

Watch Lady Gaga talking to PORTER below: