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Lady Gaga on 'crashing' last year: 'My partner left me, but told the whole world that I left him'

Modern pop icon Lady Gaga recently sat down for an interview with CBS News Sunday Morning (pictured below) and opened up about how tough the past 12 months have been, and about how working with Tony Bennett on their new collaborative album 'saved' her.

Speaking about her incredibly emotional performance of 'Dope' at the YouTube music awards last year, the songstress admitted that her tears were because her then-manager, Troy Carter, had walked out on her leaving the world to wrongly believe that Gaga was the one to end the partnership: "I'm not really legally allowed to say what happened that day, but my partner left me. He told the whole world that I left him. That was very hard."

"I think I felt that they (managers) weren't proud. They moved onto other things and I felt abandoned, but that's my own issue... everyone needs different things." When asked what she wants from her career now, the 'Gypsy' star added: "I just want to be happy and I can't tell you how happy singing this music makes me."

She went onto reveal a piece of advice given to her by Bennett, but preceded it by explaining that the pressure surrounding the release of 'ARTPOP' really got to her and she felt as though she had 'given up' because it was exhausting to constantly face criticism about flagging record sales:

"I felt like people were... holding me to a very high standard. everybody's hooting and hollering because I didn't sell 20 million records this time. It's not easy to replicate that and I don't have a formula. It's one thing to put a train on the tracks, but it's another thing to keep a train on the tracks [...] and I crashed sometime in the middle of last year. I just didn't want to make music anymore."

"He (Tony Bennett) said, 'don't ever let anybody take down the quality or intelligence of anything you do'." 

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Watch her emotional rendition of 'Dope' below: