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Lady Gaga: 'During 'ARTPOP' my mood was a mess'

Modern pop sensation Lady Gaga has revealed that her move towards the jazz scene has been amazing because she is now feeling more calm and more sure of who she is. 

The beauty has recorded an album with crooner Tony Bennett, called 'Cheek To Cheek', and she told Yahoo! that she finally feels as though she's in a good place as the 'ARTPOP' era was a 'mess':

"During 'ARTPOP' my mood was kind of a mess. It was erratic. I was shape shifting on a daily basis trying to find my happiness. With Cheek to Cheek, it’s totally different. I’m in a serene place. I feel I’m my peaceful, young musician self. I’ve been enjoying dressing up, and you know, feeling like a lady."

In the same interview, Gaga confessed that she changed her hair colour back to brunette because she has more confidence now and doesn't want to be as sexualised as she is when she's in the pop world: 

"I had been working with Tony for two years recording, and [when we started] I was quite blonde, but I found the sexuality of it all to be quite distracting. It was unnatural in a way. So I began to experiment with the hair that I had back in high school. It was dark and curly. More natural. Something about jazz makes me not care about the way I look."

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Watch Gaga and Bennett performing together below: