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Lady Gaga on hospitalisation: 'No one from my team was there for me during surgery or recovery'

Pop icon Lady Gaga has revealed that after injuring her hip and cancelling her concerts to have an operation she was left completely alone and nobody from her team was there to support her. 

During an interview with German magazine Stern, the superstar opened up about how dark the time surrounding her injury and subsequent surgery was:

"I no longer saw any light. Anywhere. The past few years have been really dark. I had to have an operation and 21 of my concerts were cancelled. Nobody from my team was there for me - not through my operation and not while I was recovering."

"I lay there in my hospital bed and felt like a cow. I'd been giving milk this whole time and now that I was ill and could no longer be milked, they said, 'Give us a call when the cow is better.'"

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