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Lady Gaga "humble" by meeting Madonna

She's one of the biggest names in pop right now, but Lady Gaga was left feeling "humble" when she met her idol, Madonna.

The 'Poker Face' star was performing at New York's Terminal 5 at the weekend (Saturday, May 2), when the Queen of Pop and her daughter Lourdes turned-up to watch the stage show.

"I was very humbled that Madonna came to the show," Gaga told MTV News. "And I had been hearing all week that she was going to come, and I was like, 'Oh, OK,' and I didn't want to talk about it or tell anyone 'cause I thought it was kind that she would want to come at all."

Embarrassingly for Gaga, she didn't recognize Lourdes during the performance itself, as she explains.

"I was really excited to see that Lourdes was there, and that made me really happy 'cause during the show I noticed some beautiful spirit of a girl dancing. And I didn't know who it was and I just kept waving to her."

As for Madonna's departure, the 'Just Dance' singer added: "I was hoping and praying she would get out safely. If she got spotted she would have been trampled like the queen she is."

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