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Tony Bennett on Lady Gaga duets: 'We'll start a new album next year'

Crooner Tony Bennett, who is celebrating his 90th birthday today, has revealed that he will return to the studio with Lady Gaga in 2017 to work on a new album. 

Chatting to Billboard magazine, he explained that she is busy at the moment with her own career, but they plan to create another collaborative record next year:

"She and I are talking about doing a second album. She's busy right now, but at the beginning of next year we'll start doing an album. The first one went way over a million, and it's still selling."

Back in June, Gaga opened up about her numerous creative endeavours and admitted that she puts all of her energy into every project, whether it's singing or acting: "What I am at any given moment is some sort of amalgamation of Stefani - a young Italian-American girl from New York who's an actress and a songwriter and a rebel - and what I'm creatively interested in at the time: the music and culture and lifestyle and art that's influencing me as I'm reading and writing music."

"If I'm playing a character at the same time, I'm also that as well. I live a lifestyle of endless, relentless love for making my work. That informs me as a person in every way, all the time. It's a quite difficult thing for me to answer, because I'm entirely Stefani and I'm entirely Gaga. But I was also entirely the Countess (on American Horror Story: Hotel)."

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Watch Gaga and Bennett performing together below:


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