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Lady Gaga offers Piers Morgan interview after he belittles rape and PTSD allegations

Lady Gaga has offered Piers Morgan an interview in order to educate him on how PTSD can affect rape survivors and not just the military as Morgan has claimed.

In a Twitter exchange yesterday (December 13), Morgan questioned that Gaga was ever raped nor had she suffered PTSD.

He tweeted: "I come from a big military family. It angers me when celebrities start claiming 'PTSD' about everything to promote themselves. Lady Gaga & Madonna have both made ALLEGATIONS many years after the event. No police complaint, no charges, no courtcase.

"I don't think all claims of rape should be necessarily accepted as fact without proper criminal investigation, do you? I wouldn't automatically believe anything either Madonna or Lady Gaga claimed about their lives."

Lady Gaga replied via Twitter: "@piersmorgan I've worked w/ our VP Joe Biden on helping educate people about why women don't report, would love to share it w/ you some time."

Morgan responded: "OK, you're on. Let's do an interview about this & you can tell me why I'm wrong to be sceptical"

Gaga answered: "@piersmorgan would love to talk with you about PTSD, that it's not just a "military" disorder. There is a mental health youth epidemic."

After a few more exchanges, Morgan then did a general tweet: "I rather admire @ladygaga for agreeing to an interview after my criticisms. Should be a fascinating debate. I'll press my meat suit."

Gaga pulled him up on this last tweet: "@piersmorgan if you continue to shame me in the process of kindly agreeing to interview w/ u I'll happily do the interview with someone else."

Earlier today on ITV's Good Morning Britain Piers Morgan got slapped on the back of his head by fellow presenter Richard Arnold over a 'Star Wars' disagreement.

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Watch Lady Gaga speak about PTSD, and Piers Morgan sing 'Poker Face' below:

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