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Lady Gaga launches Gaga Radio and opens up about writing process during "Chromatica"

The inspiration for Lady Gaga’s hyperactive 2020 album, Chromatica, came from one magical place: the dance floor.

Now, every Friday on Gaga Radio on Apple Music, the superstar is set to honor dance music by speaking with the DJs, divas, and producers who inspired her and helped bring her latest album to life. Each episode will also include an exclusive DJ mix from one of her guests.

About Chromatica, Gaga also revealed that whilst writing it, she would "chain smoke cigarettes and cry".

During the first episode of Gaga Radio, which airs in full on Friday, August 7, Gaga spoke to producer BloodPop about the "emotional exorcism" they went through for the hit record.

Gaga, 34, explained: "I felt a much more like mental, emotional release with that record where I feel like I kind of was like, goodbye. 

"Like I love you and goodbye, and everything that I've put inside of you, all of the thoughts, all of the music, all the sound, everything that I've left inside of you, I'd like for you to go out into the world, and I would like you to never come inside of me again.

Producer BloodPop responded: "Yeah. It was definitely on some level, like an exorcism."

Gaga continued: "'Chromatica' for me, was the portal that you and I opened in the studio where we would open the portal and I'd go, 'Okay, talent, creativity, voice from above, sign from above, come inside me, tell me what to say, tell me what to do,' and most all of it was what I was truly feeling. There was really only two things that could happen to me on any given day. I could either write a song and you'd be there to capture it, or I'd be upstairs on the porch and I wouldn't write the song. I would just stare into the open sky and chain smoke cigarettes and cry."

On why the singer-songwriter decided to launch the show amid the coronavirus pandemic, she said:

"The last few weeks I've been figuring out different ways at home that I can be of service to what I would call the singular global community, one that I believe to be kind in nature, one that I believe to be very special to my heart and I believe to the hearts of many.

"And so I've been thinking of all the ways that I can be someone that contributes to the society and the world. I'm super-thrilled, excited to have this show and this opportunity to play an incredible mix of music every week."

Tune in to Apple Music at 2pm ET / 11am PT / 7pm BST on August 7 for the first episode of the weekly 'Gaga Radio' here.

Listen & stream here.

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