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Lady Gaga releases 'Judas' today

Pop icon Lady Gaga has released her new single, 'Judas', today (April 15), a few days earlier than its official release date of April 19, after the song leaked online.

It began surfacing on various blogs and fansites this morning and in turn caused the 'Born This Way' star to unleash the track early. It is now available to purchase through iTunes for 99p.

Her snap decision to release it today will undoubtedly remove some of the criticism she's been subjected to recently from religious groups as it was originally due to come out during Easter week. 

'Judas' features the same electro-pop and dance fusion that we heard on 'Dance In The Dark', but this release has a distinct Euro appeal that is born from the familiar melody of the chorus. It's a tight single with a great breakdown, a very danceable beat and an incredibly catchy tune, and you can check it out here: