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Lady Gaga to perform skits with Justin Timberlake

Lady Gaga called into Kiss 104.7 on Monday, May 9 and talked about her upcoming appearance on the season finale of Saturday Night Live which will air on May 21. 

The episode will be hosted by Justin Timberlake and she revealed they will team up for a couple of skits:

"We're scheduled to be doing some sketches together so I'm excited. He's so funny! I actually went to theatre school for a really long time so I love doing the live skits."

She also addressed the Weird Al Yankovic cover of her single, 'Born This Way', and said:

"I actually really love the Weird Al Yankovic one for 'Born This Way'. It's great, it's sort of a pop singer rite of passage to get covered by Weird Al Yankovic. It's a turning point in my career!"

Gaga is currently travelling all over the world to promote her forthcoming album, but you can watch a recent interview with her from Mexico City here:


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