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Lady Gaga wants to leave behind a legacy

Lady Gaga is astounded by her current popularity, but her main goal is to still "be relevant 100 years from now". 

She explained to The Daily Mail that she intends to leave a legacy:

"It's my biggest dream. I'm not really concerned with whether I'm relevant in the year 2011. It's much more important for me to be relevant 100 years from now. I want to leave a big legacy behind."

The superstar, whose new album 'Born This Way' drops on May 23, also admitted that on her down time she prefers to be alone because it helps her to stay focused:

"On the whole when I have free time I don't tend to do a lot with other people. I like to be alone. That's important for me and it gives me a good balance with the rest of my life. In my profession I am permanently surrounded by so many people. That's why I enjoy being alone so much."

Watch her self-composed video of a few of her recent performances here: