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Lady Gaga’s ‘Rocky’ love

Lady Gaga has revealed that Rocky Balboa is her “ideal man”.

The star confessed that she loves Sly Stallone’s character in the boxing saga films, and dreamed about being his girlfriend.

"’Rocky’ is my favourite. I love ‘Rocky 3’ because he gets his ass kicked in the first round and comes back,” explained the ‘Born This Way’ singer. “Rocky is the ideal man. I never wanted to be the rock star. I wanted to be the girlfriend.

"I never wanted to be Rocky. I wanted to be Adrian."

Chatting with Nicola Roberts for MTV Music, Gaga even likened her latest song to the famous ‘Rocky’ training montage.

"’The Edge Of Glory’ means a lot to me - it was written when my grandfather died. That song is about looking life in the eye and when you die saying, 'I won, I'm a champion' like Rocky sprinting to the top of the staircase."

Check out a preview for the interview below: