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Lady Gaga declares love for India and confirms she will be there in October

Lady Gaga has declared her love for both India and its unmistakable culture in a new interview on a show called India's Most Desirable. 

The 'Judas' hitmaker was in the country on a promotional tour, which included her first appearance on an Indian talk show, and she spoke to former actress Simi Garewal in an interview that aired on Sunday, August 21 about her passion for Bollywood and traditional food:

"I have seen a few Bollywood films and I love how theatrical they are, and that's my favorite part - that they are so surreal and full of fantasy. I love Indian food. I love spicy curry. I used to eat Indian food in New York."

Gaga also revealed that she is set to return to India in October and added that she feels "married to loneliness":

"I'm lonely and married to loneliness... But artists are supposed to be lonely. I don't have money - whatever I have I spend on my shows."

Check out the Bollywood remix of her latest album's title track, 'Born This Way', here: