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Lady Gaga's Monster Ball wins Tour of the Year award

Lady Gaga, who has been teasing fans with little snippets of information about her forthcoming new tour, has told fans that her Monster Ball has won an award. 

The 'Born This Way' superstar took to social networking site Twitter late last night, February 4, to tell her 18.8 million fans that her last tour, which featured a visually stunning set made up of subway cars and flaming pianos, has been given a special accolade:

"Ah! Such a tremendous honor, The Monsterball won TOUR OF THE YEAR at the Pollstar Awards last night. Thank you so much!!! Next tour is soon!"

Earlier this week, Gaga promised that on February 7 she will share the creative stage design for her new tour and revealed that she is already working on the show's setlist. 




Watch the beginning of Gaga's award-winning Monster Ball tour below: