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Lady Gaga reveals Lily Cooper inspiration on 'The Fame Monster' album

Superstar Lady Gaga has revealed that she "thought about" 'Smile' singer Lily Cooper (née Allen) while writing one of the tracks that features on her 2009 album, 'The Fame Monster'.

The British songstress took to her official Twitter page on August 22 and told her fans she had a "really weird dream about Lady Gaga last night".

When asked by a fan what happened in the dream, Cooper explained that Gaga's security team and make-up artist ushered her out of the American Embassy in London as she didn't have the right pass to watch the 'Born This Way' pop star's concert. Tara Savelo, Gaga's make-up artist, then replied to her tweet and joked: "That would NEVER happen!!! we LOVE you!!!!! xoxo"

Earlier today (August 24), Gaga publicly replied to Cooper and admitted that she was inspired by her when she wrote 'So Happy I Could Die':

"@lilyrosecooper that would never happen! Wed more likely kidnap you + beg you so sing So Happy I Could Die. thought of you when i wrote that."




Listen to 'So Happy I Could Die' below: