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Lady Gaga avoided weed during studio sessions for 'ARTPOP'

Eccentric songstress Lady Gaga refrained from smoking cannabis while recording her fourth studio album 'ARTPOP' - although she admits she didn't avoid it altogether.

The 'Born This Way' hitmaker is famed for her love of the drug - also called weed. Gaga even smoked it on stage during a show in Amsterdam earlier this year, telling her fans it "changed her life" and gave her a "spiritual experience with her music".

Gaga revealed in an online chat with her 'Little Monster' fans at Ultimate GaGa that she avoided using cannabis while producing her latest album though: "NO WEED ON ARTPOP...NO", before adding: "Weed in the bathtub though. Hahaha. (sic)."

Gaga also spoke about her upcoming record and what fans can expect.

She explained: "My favourite things about 'Born This Way' album is that it was risky and its own thing. 'ARTPOP' is very risky. If you're not taking a risk you're not breaking any boundaries."

She added of the album's delay: "I feel so bad. I know you all wanna kill me. But nobody writes my songs for me! Every single song you've ever heard by me, I created from nothing with friends. So it takes some time. New inspiration. New sounds. New experiences.
"I feel like 'ARTPOP' is what I've been making since 'The Fame'. It's what has defined me and my fans and we are claiming the music that is ours. I love you guys so much."




Watch Gaga smoke weed live on stage in Amsterdam here: