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Lady Gaga makes rare Twitter appearance to promote marriage equality

Lady Gaga has reared her head on Twitter to encourage the US political system to overturn a marriage law.

The singer has been notoriously absent from the social networking website over the last number of months as she recovers from a hip operation.

This has frustrated some fans who previously enjoyed a good rapport with the flamboyant star on the website.

However, she made an appearance on the website last night (June 24) and today (June 25) to lend her support to overturning the The Defense Of Marriage Act, which appears to deny legally married gay American men the right to some federal benefits. She said:

"Let's go DOMA. Supreme Court lets make history & stand for MARRIAGE EQUALITY! #GetItDoneThisWeek #TheWhole WorldIsWatching. Time to bring DOMA to the floor. #DoItNow #WeAreEqual #WeAreHuman #WeAreValuableToSociety."

Gaga added today: "Overturn The Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) today. It is unconstitutional. Or will the Supreme Court continue to discriminate against LGBTs. Who will be our Abe Lincoln today? Who will make the choice of FREEDOM FOR ALL. #SCOTUS."





Watch Lady Gaga perform live below: