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Lana Del Rey addresses criticism and 'manufactured artist' claims

Newcomer Lana Del Rey has opened up about about her transformation from Lizzy Grant into the pillow-lipped songstress who has taken the music world by storm. 

The 'Born To Die' singer has come under fire for being a company-made manufactured artist after her original music, which she released under her birth name, was wiped from iTunes and subsequently replaced with the full package of a new look, new style and different moniker. 

In a new interview with, the star explained that she has been the victim of harsh criticism from people who think she has gone overboard with rebranding and repackaging herself:

"The Internet's been well-established for 14 years. It's not like 1962 where you can't find out about me. My intention was never to transform into a different person. What other people think of me is none of my business."

"Sometimes, it hurts my feelings. But I have to just keep going. The good stuff is really good. Some of the other stuff is difficult, but I'll be able to tour now, probably sing for a while. That's nice for me."

She continued that some music fans have taken her transformation far too seriously and have even targeted her social networking outlets, sending her offensive and often threatening messages:

"I began getting messages on my personal Twitter account, really creepy messages, like, 'The blogosphere that created you is about to destroy you.'"




Despite the setbacks, she revealed that her debut album sounds great and she is happy to be in a position where she can perform and release music as a career:

"I'd rather it was just as simple as being just the songs and no one else talking about it at all, because it makes things more bittersweet instead of just clear and easy," Del Rey admits. "It just seems to have taken a funny turn. I'm not really sure if it'll come back around. I don't know. But the record is really good. I have that."

Watch her live performance of 'Born To Die' from Chateau Marmont below: