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Lana Del Rey Reveals ‘Video Games’ Inspiration

Lana Del Rey has opened up about the inspiration behind her hit track 'Video Games'.

Speaking to NME, the singer-songwriter said that the track was written about a person she was seeing at the time and the way that their relationship worked.

She added that the title came from how he would come home from work and play computer games whilst she watched and wrote. 

She said: "I was writing about this guy I'd been seeing and the way our relationship was at the time. It was a time in my life when I had let go of my own personal career ambitions and just enjoyed being with him at home."

"He would come home from work and play video games. I would write and watch him. When I was writing that song I was reflecting on the sweetness of it but also something else I was longing for at the same time."

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Watch Lana Del Rey perform 'Video Games' on Saturday Night Live below: 

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