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SNL cast spoof Lana Del Rey's recent performance

Lana Del Rey's much talked about recent performance on Saturday Night Live was spoofed by the popular show's cast over the weekend. 

The sultry songstress was criticised for her vocals while singing 'Video Games' by fellow musicians and members of the public alike, but the harsh reaction to her appearance on the late night programme has now been dealt with in a fantastic way by the SNL cast.

Kristen Wiig, most recently of Bridesmaids fame, donned a long strawberry-blonde hairpiece and vintage lace dress in order to portray the singer visually and then addressed the backlash to Del Rey's performance while impersonating her:

"I thought [I sang two songs], but based on the public's response [to my performance], I must have clubbed a baby seal while singing the Taliban national anthem. I am not here to defend my performance. The public has spoken and I have to accept that."



The parody cleverly defends Del Rey despite appearing to mock her and was met with a great response from social media users. Watch it in full below: