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Lana Del Rey hits back at the haters in radio interview

Lana Del Rey has opened up on the abuse she receives online in a rare radio interview.

Speaking to KROQ, the 'Video Games' singer hit back at claims over the amount of material that she actually writes.

And she insisted that the people of the internet are "creating their own person" with regards to some of the things people say about her. She said:

"The internet right now is creating their own person for themselves to play with, but I've been an artist for a long time and I've been a writer since I was 7. I can't do much else. I wrote every word on my album. There's only one line I didn't write in 'Diet Mountain Dew' and one in 'Lolita'."

Del Rey added that she is not a "controversial" person and denied that the things people say about her - both "amazing" and "really terrible" things - are true. She said:

"I'm not naturally a polarizing or controversial person. What I sing about is pretty normal, pretty balanced. What people have to say about me, the really amazing things and the really terrible things, none of them are true."




Listen to Lana Del Rey's radio interview below: