Sylvette 'Waiting in the Bliss'

New Album from Art Inspired Manchester Band

The only band this year whose album sleeve features a painting by a former muse of Picasso is an alt-rock quartet from Manchester who go by the name of Sylvette. But the fact that a celebrated artist’s work adorns their debut album is perhaps the least interesting thing about them, for Sylvette is an unusually ravishing proposition. They are the kind of act we don’t see very much of this far into the 21st-century, whose music practically unfolds in Cinemascope, and grips like a vice.

The album combines music from rock, psychedelic and classical influences to create a masterpiece with the lead single ‘Rebirth’ making waves already. The music reflects true craftsmanship and dedication to the arts. 

They already are reaching people well outside their demographic. Having long admired Picasso’s portrait of the French model whose name they would ultimately take for their own, Charlie decided to track the woman herself down last year. Sylvette David was a French model and artist Picasso grew so obsessed with that he based over 40 paintings on her. She is 83 years old now and lives in England. Charlie found her to be eminently approachable, and they have spoken regularly on the phone. “I sent her some of our music,” he says, “and she said she loved it!”

Renowned locally for their high energy live performances, be sure to listen to the album and catch them live before they blow up!


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