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'Collide' - Second Single from Forthcoming Album


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I SEE RIVERS encapsulate audiences with their distinctive sound and renowned harmonies. With two EPs behind them, the Nordic trio are in the process of making their highly anticipated debut album due for an independent release in Spring 2020 with the support of PRS for Music Foundation and BBC Launchpad and their dedicated fans through Kickstarter. After continuous support throughout the press, national radio and national TV, they are back with their newest single ‘Collide’.

Eline (Keys, vocals, percussion), Gøril (guitar, vocals, drum pad) and Lill (drums, vocals) layer their three-part harmonies and switch instruments throughout the set, showcasing their versatility and artistry. I SEE RIVERS are a band that people are drawn to due to their flawless musicality and interaction with audiences. Their sound has developed over the years and although they still have their folk influences and a Nordic tone, the heightened production and grittier edge showcases a new bold side to the band. After touring alongside household names such as Cosmo Sheldrake and Newton Faulkner as well as Communion showcases and festivals throughout Europe, they have a dedicated following all over the world.

Although they are all originally from Norway, the girls met in Liverpool while studying and have recently moved to Pembrokeshire in Wales after falling in love with the Welsh coastline during the recording of their first EP in ‘StudiOwz’ with Owain Jenkins. Their musical soundscape has been associated with artists such as Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens and First Aid Kit but their 2020 album has a new additional electronic direction.

About the video:
‘Collide’ is about conflict and reconciliation, how relationships shift, evolves, and sometimes crumble over time. The two dancers in this video (Elisabeth Peersen Oterholt, Eirik Dreyer Sellevoll) are representing two polarising sides of an issue, portraying the push and pull of a relationship in transformation. The relationship itself is not meant to be specifically romantic or platonic, as the themes and overall message is not confided to either kind of relation.

“Working on this music video gave us the opportunity to do many firsts: first time shooting in Norway, first time not being in front of the camera ourselves, first time (almost) getting bit by an adder, and it was the first time working with the super lovely and talented Martin Bremnes who shot, edited and directed the video.” – I SEE RIVERS.

I SEE RIVERS’ unique ‘float pop’ sound has landed them support from PRS Women Make Music and BBC Launchpad and are now in the midst of recording their highly anticipated debut album alongside Owain Jenkins, Toby Couling, Alec Brits and Emilie Krogh Johannessen back at ‘Studiowz’ in the newly renovated Carmel Chapel for a release in Spring 2020.

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