Brite Spires releases Dystopian Glam Track 'Futurist'

From upcoming album: We Built The Palace

For fans of : Wolf Alice, St Vincent, Black Honey


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Brite Spires electrifies into 2021 with their upcoming single ‘Futurist’. A raw and potent blend of modern electronic indie pop curating a unique and unforgettable track, sourced from Bella’s (vocals) empowering womanhood.

The track itself embodies upon the world we are currently living and how it may appear we are constantly living in the future, due to the vast development and improvement on modern technology.

“With the way that the world is going, it already feels like we are living in the future. The past, the present and the future sometimes seem to combine into one moment; things from the past are coming back into fashion, predictions for the future are already happening. It seems as though we can already see into what our world will turn into - then again, are we already there?” - Bella Glanville

“It’s so cool how we can interact with anyone, anytime, all around the world. I guess the song is quite sci-fi. I mean, not like robots taking over the world, but just how there is so much data that events could be predicted before they happen.” - Bella Glanville

Brite Spires began in Spring 2018 with a chance encounter, at a music shop in Oxford’s Cowley Rd, where drummer Cal Brumhead and guitarist Drew Atkins re-united, having previously played in bands together. Over a beer at the City Arms, the inevitable agreement to meet up and jam on acoustic and drums was made. Songs soon took shape and while on holiday in Tuscany, possibly inspired by the grandiose of Florence, Drew decided to return and arrange the songs in a ‘wide-screen’ style, with epic synths, huge beats and big guitars. Inspired by Oxford’s gothic towers and colleges, the name Brite Spires was agreed upon.

Enlisting a local singer Clare Violet, whom Drew knew from a mutual friend, it was time to make some demos. These quickly garnered Track of the Month on BBC Introducing and local highly influential music magazine ‘Nightshift’, with the addition of a colour frontpage of the Oxford Times. Due to personal reasons, Clare had to remove herself from the band, so Drew and Cal widened the net to London and met a highly talented bassist ‘Fischer Luigi’, a German born Italian from a Caribbean family.

The band played a handful of Oxford gigs before Covid struck, which gained some excellent live reviews again from Oxford’s ‘Nightshift’ magazine. Fortunately, the band had demoed plenty of material pre-Covid, so were able to use these as a basis for professional recordings ( adding parts from the guys home studios, and snatched vocal recording time between lock-downs ) which were made remotely at a top London studio.

Finally, Brite Spires had songs ready for today’s press. This resulted in CLASH magazine announcing ‘a bold, unique, sophisticated pop vision’ plus positive comments after playlist meetings by Annie Mac and Jack Saunders from BBC Radio 1 for debut ‘Heavenly’. Encouraged by this, a second single ‘Futurist’ was mooted. Between lock-downs, new songs were rehearsed - the band keen to develop at any chance possible.

Due to some band switch arounds, Drew had reached out to talented singer and model Bella Glanville who then joined Brite Spires. To-date, Bella has interpreted and added her brilliant style to a full albums-worth of tunes - so now the appropriately titled debut album ‘We Built The Palace’ waits in the wings. From this, the dystopian glam-electro lead track ‘FUTURIST’ is ready to set sail on indie dancefloors and alt. radio, as a perfect introduction to BRITE SPIRES.

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June 17, 2021 11:27am ET by Lander PR  


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