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The Gold Supply are a new, science-fiction, space-zombie-in-a-coma, Nordic-noir, UK-based band that formed amongst the turmoil of the global pandemic and world chaos.
Drawing inspiration from the likes of Massive Attack, Portishead, Bjork, The Verve, and Spiritualized, The Gold Supply are due to release their debut EP ‘Open Lines’ with their fresh new signing with Analogue Trash.

The EP exhibits a beautiful, atmospheric and almost post-apocalyptic ambience- a combination of sounds and influences that would suggest that not only do The Gold Supply know how and when the world will end, but that they’re poised and ready to provide the soundtrack.

The trio represent this ‘new norm’ within their craft by creating dream-like, and ambient music. Something that reflects the unworldly experience we have all encountered - as well as a sense of melancholy throughout the themes of each track. The disordered but creative flow of The Gold Supply’s forthcoming project, symbolises the rut and confusion within someone's mind during extremely hard times.

‘Open Lines’ is made up of five tracks, ‘Let it Go’, ‘No Addictions’, ‘Never The Same’ ‘Something Like You’ and ‘Our Last Few Days’ - which all tap into a hardened sense of reality, surrounding topics that you may be too afraid to speak out out. The Gold Supply cover affairs surrounding death, addiction, loss of love and friendship. The EP is hard hitting, but it is extremely real and inspiring.
The band says about the EP opener, “Let It Go is an intensely personal song about death. This song is about the anger stage of grief. That stage hangs around a long time and eats away at your insides. The title ‘let it go’ is a sarcastic reflection of the advice you always get from people. It’s terrible advice and it doesn’t work. Ever.”

Vocalist Kevin revealed this about No Addictions. “The song is a meditation on the nature of addiction. Even darker than the addiction is the denial of the addiction - it’s the denial that causes the biggest problems. Most people have either a personal experience of this situation or experience through a friend or relative.

“There is no fairy-tale ending to No Addictions, no suggested answers, or cures for today’s issues. Just the reality. Lena is brilliant at making small changes to songs that have a big impact and that little spoken-word Polish section gives me goosebumps every time.”
Talking about Never the Same Again, Kevin says, “The track is about the inside of your head, that fight you have with yourself about whether you’re doing well or badly, whether you’re happy or bored.

The band gets intensely personal on Something Like You. They disclose, “It isn’t a cover of the famous song by Adele. This song isn’t about someone else, it’s about yourself, asking if you are happy with yourself, would you choose to be your friend, or would you be in a relationship with someone like you?”

Kevin continues, “Our Last Few Days was always going to be the last song on the EP. The schoolyard game where you talk about what you’d do if the world was going to end usually involved talk of having a massive pool party in Costa Rica with all the cool kids in the year above you, or maybe going on a road trip to smoke the best drugs on the planet.”
Open Lines is available to purchase physically on CD and available to download on the 29th April.

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April 29, 2022 8:00am ET by Lander PR  


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