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La Roux to write songs for other artists

La Roux singer Elly Jackson has revealed that she has been approached to write songs for other artists.

The frontwoman said that she and her musical partner Ben Langmaid would prefer it if people did not know for which other acts they were penning material.

Jackson said: "We've been asked to do some writing for other people but I'm not saying who yet!

"I'll probably do it under another name. If I write something that's really good I'm just gonna do it myself. I'm not gonna give it to someone else, am I?"

Of their own new songs, she added: "I'd definitely like to get some thin, phased-out guitars like Heaven 17 had."

Jackson recently said that there were too many one-hit wonders, boy/girl bands and novelty songs in the charts.

Watch an interview with Elly Jackson and below: