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La Roux's Elly Jackson talks to the BBC talks to Radio 1's Newsbeat

The synth duo's Elly Jackson tells BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat more about their debut album, her famous mum and Glastonbury, and explains why Lily Allen is so good at winding people up.
When you've had a number two single, spawned a phenomenally popular remix, and are about to release an album dead set for number one, you'd better be prepared to be mobbed by fans in the street.

Luckily, La Roux's Elly Jackson (the other half of the duo is the camera-shy synth-wrangler Ben Langmaid) has had a lot of experience of attention-seeking disciples - after all, her mum's Trudie Goodwin, aka June Ackland from The Bill.

"We'd be pottering about town or whatever, trying to get me school shoes or something boring like that," she tells Newsbeat, "and she'd never notice anyone recognising her.

"'Because she's so like doing her own thing, typical mum - and she's slightly deaf in one ear, so she'd never hear anyone going, 'Trudie' or 'June'.

I'm looking forward to it, I'm just hoping it's not going to rain 
Elly Jackson on Glastonbury

"I'd be like, 'Mummy, there's a man who wants your attention'," she laughs.

Jackson says she had the dubious pleasure of being followed home by paparazzi on Sunday for the first time.

Annoying, yes, but, unfortunately, she'd better get used to it - the duo's self-titled debut is likely to propel her even further into the spotlight.

Jackson's not up for revealing any of her chart hopes for the album, though, perhaps not wanting to jinx it.

"I think just sort of not having any expectation is kind of the way to go, isn't it?," she says.

"Obviously, we're proud of what we've done and we're happy with what we've done, so when you know you're happy with something it's just a question of just letting it be really."

'Easier on the ear'

You've most likely heard In For The Kill, Quicksand and new single Bulletproof - Jackson reckons there's a lot more to the album than those track's sultry 80s sound.

"We knew we were making a pop album," she explains, "and a pop album is not a dance album and so, no, it's not all like that.

"There's a track called Colourless Colour which is a little bit more like that but maybe a little bit darker.

"And then there's I'm Not Your Toy, which is out after Bulletproof," she adds, "which is much much happier and much brighter and maybe a little easier on the ear for people that couldn't quite grasp In For The Kill, because I know for a lot of people the vocals are quite shrill.

"There's a couple of ballads on there and mid-tempo tracks, and some much warmer atmospheres on the album."

The duo might only have been gigging since February this year, but they've already supported Lily Allen on her UK tour, a jaunt that saw Jackson bond with the Smile singer.

"There's kind of a nice rapport there between us," she reveals. "She winds me up constantly, she was winding me up this morning. She does it to everyone, like everyone she knows, but it's all in a joking way."

Glastonbury boycott pact

Their fledgling live show better be in top shape in a week's time, because Glastonbury's calling.

"I'm looking forward to it, I'm just hoping it's not going to rain," Jackson says.

"This year my aims are to see The Gossip, I'd really like to see Peaches, um, Geldof, obviously," she jokes, referring to the raunchy Canadian electroclash singer.

"I'd quite like to see Florence live and White Lies, it'd be interesting to see what Lady GaGa does at Glastonbury too."

Coming from an arty family, you'd be forgiven for thinking Jackson might be a regular at Worthy Farm.

"I've never actually been," she admits, "because I made a pact with my sister when I was about 13, 14 - we'd both been on the phone for about four hours just ringing, ringing, ringing trying to get tickets.

"And I thought neither of us were going to get through, then just before the cut-off point she got like five tickets and I didn't get one and I was on the other phone and I was devastated, like so bummed.

"She didn't want to take her little sister with her to Glastonbury, do you know what I mean? I didn't get tickets, so I said, 'Fine, I'm not going 'til I'm playing'."

Watch Elly Jackson perform 'Bulletproof' on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge below: