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Laura Marling on 'The X Factor': 'It's an awful part of our society'

Songstress Laura Marling has opened up about TV talent shows and described them as the downfall of the modern age.

Speaking to Radio 4 about 'The X Factor' and 'The Voice' in particular, the 'Where Can I Go?' hitmaker explained that "They are just horrible. It's an awful part of our society. It's teaching the wrong thing, I think, teaching that you want fame."

"It's not fame that you want, it's satisfaction, which is a very different thing, but they sometimes go hand in hand. It makes me sad."

Meanwhile, her new album 'Once I Was An Eagle' is due to be released later next month on May 27 and it will drop a day later in the USA.





Watch Marling perform 'Once' here: