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'Glee' beauty Lea Michele: 'My friends call me Grandma'

Singer and actress Lea Michele has revealed that her close friends have a special name for her that refers to her quiet nature. 

Speaking to V magazine about her raunchy new shoot with Terry Richardson, Michele explained that despite the hot photographs she worked on she is a very subdued person: "My friends call me Grandma, but, like, Grandma's killing it right now. I'm pretty sure Grandma nailed it in a half-naked Terry Richardson shoot, okay? So I'm fine with it. I just do my thing. I do what's best for me. That's it."

Michele added that her nickname comes from the fact that she prefers the quiet life: "I don't like things that other people like. I don't like clubs or crazy, loud music. I don't drink a lot, and maybe that makes me boring, but I'd rather be in bed watching 'Homeland' with my cat, Sheila, eating a sandwich."

The 'Cannonball' songstress also opened up about dealing with the death of her boyfriend and 'Glee' co-star Cory Monteith, admitting that Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac got her through: "There were people who were like, 'I am not f---ing leaving your side, and that, for me, was Stevie," the Broadway vet says of the Fleetwood Mac singer. "She's like a fairy. She's given me so many gifts along the way, and when I say gifts, I mean tools and advice and support."

"She told me from the beginning that music is going to be [my] therapy, and at the time, I was like, 'What the f--k are you talking about, Stevie Nicks? I don't want to listen to music. I can't do anything. But once you get out a little bit of the tunnel, when you slowly start to feel like you can be yourself a little bit, it does help. It's so cool I have her number."

Watch Michele performing 'Cannonball' below:


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