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Lea Michele admits recording Cory Monteith song was both "therapeutic and difficult"

Lea Michele has said that writing and recording a song about Cory Monteith was both "therapeutic and difficult".

The singer was dating the actor when he passed away in July last year aged 31 as a result of a deadly mix of heroin and alcohol.

She is due to release her debut album 'Louder' in the UK on March 17 and the track 'If You Say So' was penned about her late Glee colleague.

When asked by Billboard if working on the tune was hard or whether it acted as therapy, Michele said:

"It has both sides of the spectrum. Listening to it, it's therapeutic and difficult. It will always represent the most devastating thing that's every happened to me in my whole life. But at the same time, music is therapy. It's been therapy for me in the entire grieving process and in my entire life. I'm grateful that Sia collaborated on that song with me and it's a moment in my life...music has just been so important and so helpful to me this whole year.

"It was important to me that the album began with 'Cannonball' and ended with 'If You Say So'. I have to acknowledge what I've been through this year. It was really difficult, which I think is represented in 'If You Say So' and a song like 'Cannonball' represents finding strength and hope. These are the two sides of my life right now. The grief, but also the search for strength and hope. I really wanted those two songs to bookend the album. Really let everyone know where I'm at."

Listen to 'If You Say So' below: