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Lea Michele: 'I vomited while singing 'Let It Go' on Glee'

Singer and actress Lea Michele has revealed that she suffered an embarrassing accident while performing a song on the set of 'Glee' recently. 

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the beauty explained that she was belting out a rendition of 'Let It Go' when some snow got into her mouth and caused her to throw up: 

"I was super nervous; the day didn't start off so well."

"I was singing, there was snow falling, I looked up, trying to make it magical and beautiful, and ended up choking on the snow and vomiting. And they have it in slow motion, on film."

She went onto add that the setback didn't ruin the day: "But the rest of the day was great. Some of our crew members brought their kids and I was like, 'Oh this is so great.'"

Michele admitted that the song has such a huge reputation that it was intimidating to record: "[It was] a lot of pressure. At first I was sort of worried because, you know, Idina sang it and Demi [Lovato] sang it, so I was like, 'So many people have done it, but I got Idina's blessing which was wonderful.' We were sort of tweeting each other and she knew it was happening so I felt it's her song. I mean, at the end of the day, it might be in a movie but that's her song."

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Watch Michele talking about the incident below:


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