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Lea Michele: 'I take time for myself so that I can be strong and focused'

Singer and actress Lea Michele has opened up about finding personal strength and how it helps her to conquer the entertainment world. 

She told The Hollywood Reporter that she prioritises taking time out for herself because it's important that she keeps that focus if she is to 'be her best self' everyday:

"I take time for me to put myself first every day because I am not at my best if I can’t be my best. Whether it’s to work out, spend time with the people that I love, get a good night sleep, watch reality TV, have a glass of wine -- I take that time so that I can be strong, focused and prepared for my job or whatever life might bring my way."

Michele went onto confess that being successful in the entertainment industry is a product of having a solid personal foundation: "I think that this business is very tricky. And you definitely have extreme highs and lows. I think that people definitely want to build you up and they want to pull you down. But talent will always prevail, and so will your personal strength. I believe that's been my story in the industry, and I think it’s been Ryan’s (Murphy, creator of 'Scream Queens' and 'Glee') as well."

She added: "When you have a brain like Ryan, that he can just constantly come up with such inventive, incredible ideas. He will always be transforming despite whatever might come his way because with a force like that, you can’t really be stopped by anyone."

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