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Lea Michele's parents didn't know she could sing

Star of the stage turned on-screen musical siren, Lea Michele, has admitted that her vocal talents weren't always recognised by her parents. 

In a revealing interview about her rise to fame, she explained:

"Did my parents see my star potential? No, they didn't even know I could sing!"

"I remember asking my mum if she wanted to hear me sing and she was busy, and then my dad pulled me aside, knelt down in front of me and said, 'Listen, you're really funny and a great dancer, but you can't sing.' I will never let him live that down."

Michele, 24, began her broadway career at a mere 8 years old after accompanying a friend to an open casting call for Les Misérables and has been performing professionally ever since. 

Watch her sing 'Touch Me' from the show 'Spring Awakening' here: