Girl like you

DME-Adestp J1 C4 Millano-Girl like you

Fast forward to the future, British born Singer/Rappers - Ade stp 17, J1 15, C4 16 & Millano 17, feature in this Romeo style, UK afro home grown romantic rap song (Girl like you)!!

Young, fresh on the block and barely out of school, they form part of the group DME Diligent music entertainment comprising of individual Singers and Rappers all geared towards UK afro music, a fast growing genre with the likes of Jhus, Kojo funds & co being the creative founders and current favourites!

However these teenage sensation sure pack a punch and bring a fresh look and meaning to the genre with carefully chosen lyrics and a mixture of melodies, harmonies, rap, tasteful stabs and adlibs that create all that general feel good factor, with chivalry in progress!

Mentored by the Leftwing movement, Diligent music entertainment Ltd was setup by Leftwing movement and Adestp (the host), primarily for young aspiring artists that need that crystal clear day to day management, production, marketing and support whilst discovering their specialty and in turn structure the way young artists portray their music. ‘Girl like you’ is out on Spotify, Itunes, and other digital stores, It’s an extremely catchy number and further releases include ‘Move it’ release date (31/07/2017) and Dig Dat release Tbc.

Till date the group have recorded collectively and solo wise, 23 unreleased tracks and this orgasmic preamble is the first in a series of crowd pleasers! Listen on!

Social Media Links:
Twitter @diligentsounds_

Instagram: @diligentsounds

Facebook: leftwingmovement

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