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Leona Lewis sings herself to sleep with own material

Vocal superstar Leona Lewis has revealed that in order to memorise lyrics to her songs she has a special method that she employs.

Speaking to We Love Pop magazine, the 'Bleeding Love' sensation explained that she likes to incorporate her music into her pre-sleep routine because she finds that she retains more information at night:

"Usually I'd spend a couple of hours a day just going through songs. And personally, I like to sing songs just before I go to bed. If I say it over three times before I go to sleep, I usually remember it."

During a recent interview with the Daily Star newspaper, she admitted that she has trouble sleeping and sometimes sleepwalks which worries her because she has a balcony in her apartment that could be dangerous:

"I get up and basically I'll do strange things like put my phone in my fridge, or put something where it's not supposed to be. And I just won't remember doing it. It's usually at times when I'm really stressed out. I have a balcony, so I have to make sure my windows are locked."




Watch Lewis's video for 'Trouble' below: