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Leona Lewis on her music career: "I've met some deplorable people over the past six years"

Vocal superstar Leona Lewis has admitted that during the course of her career as a songstress she has encountered some of the worst people she has ever met in her life.

Speaking to The Independent on Sunday, the 'Bleeding Love' star explained that she feels as though she would have been successful without having taken part in The X Factor because her experience of the industry is less than fantastic:

"I've met some deplorable people over the past six years, who have done some really bad things, and I've seen their betrayal of my trust unfold before my eyes. But I've learned from it and grown from it and I'm much better now at knowing who I should avoid."

She added: "I believe I could have had a career in the music industry without the X Factor, but it was an amazing platform that propelled me to what's happening now. I won't listen to anything people say against it."

"I got up every week and sang on stage without that lip-syncing that a lot of artists do these days – that takes a talent that you can't fake."



Watch her music video for 'Trouble' below: