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Noel "suppressed" Liam for his own good

Beady Eye guitarist Gem Archer believes that former Oasis bandmate Noel Gallagher “suppressed” his brother Liam – but that it was for Liam’s own good.

Speaking to Q Magazine, Archer explained that Noel may have restricted his younger sibling, but this could have likely kept the more boisterous brother from becoming a victim of himself.

"Did Noel suppress Liam? Course he has,” explained Gem. “Not all his life. But look, in some ways, with Noel, the best thing has been suppressing him. Because Liam could have really f***ed his own life up.

"It's so not simple, they're both the real deal. I ended up in the middle of two of the biggest forces in rock 'n' roll. So I do my best. Liam ain't a monster. And neither is Noel."

When asked about what’s changed since Noel’s departure, Gem said: "What would happen if Noel was here? Well, nobody is assuming the Noel role of, 'You shouldn't be drinking tonight' so Liam would probably still be out at midnight, just to prove a point."

Listen to Beady Eye’s latest single ‘Bring the Light’ below: