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Liam Gallagher can hold his own without Noel

Liam Gallagher is basking in the success of his new band Beady Eye and feels like he's been able to prove to people that he can stand alone as a musician without his brother Noel. 

Talking to the Daily Star about the popularity Beady Eye has been enjoying, he explained:

"People didn’t think we could walk and talk without Noel. Expectation was not very high, but we knew what we were doing.”

The 'Bring The Light' star added now that he's toned his sound down and tightened it up musically he feels it's better than ever:

"We’re not as loud as we used to be – our kid used to have his guitars so loud it was rude, you know, like, ‘I’m-not-even-in-this-band’ levels, and the amps were pointing at me, so I’d have to wear in-ear monitors to be able to sing, or shout over that.”

“Now I’m hearing what everyone else hears and it sounds great.”

Watch the band perform 'The Beat Goes On' here: