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Thursday, April 21, 2016 7:00pm ET by  
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Lil' Wayne praises Nicki Minaj: 'She's just better than other rappers'

'Fireman' hitmaker Lil' Wayne has praised Nicki Minaj's rapping abilities in a new essay for TIME magazine. 

Minaj features in the magazine's 2016 TIME 100 Most Influential People list and Weezy wrote a piece on her to accompany it.

In the essay, he explains that she is more talented that most other rappers he has come across: "You know, in New York they used to have these street DVDs. It just so happened that I appeared in one, and when I looked at the finished product, Nicki Minaj was on a part of the DVD. I was like, 'Woooooow!' She was just being Nicki without the glitz and glamour."

"When I heard the first two and four bars, it wasn’t even about her rapping better than any female rapper. It was about, man, she’s rapping better than other rappers - period.

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Watch Lil' Wayne in action below:


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