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Lily Allen: "Men should be men"

Lily Allen has stated her belief that men "should be men".

The singer has guest edited the latest edition of ShortList magazine and the Brit revealed in an interview that she likes her men manly.

Referring to her partner Sam Cooper, who she has two children with, Allen said:

"I like that when my husband gets up in the morning he spends about 12 seconds looking in the mirror then leaves. I’m not into men who are vain or even wearing aftershave. It gives me shivers. Men should be men. Go out, earn some money, come back and look after my children.”

Allen also spoke about female body issues, believing that women themselves make things worse: 

"I don’t think men are the enemy, I think women are the enemy. I know that when I’m sitting in a restaurant and a really beautiful woman walks in, who’s skinny, I instinctively think, ‘Oh she’s really skinny and beautiful and I’m really fat and ugly’. Every man I speak to always says they find that kind of woman gross, and they prefer a bit more meat on their ladies.

“So it’s more of a competitive thing. It’s weird. It’s just really unhealthy and we’re our own worst enemy. We should stop being so horrible to each other.”




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