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Lily Allen admits she is "owned by a multi-national corporation"

Lily Allen has conceded that she is just a "part of a machine" when it comes to having artistic independence.

This singer has returned to the music scene and is due to release 'Sheezus' - her first album since 2009's 'It's Not Me, It's You' - on May 5 via Parlophone and Warner Bros.

However, she said during a panel interview at the Vogue Festival at the weekend that she feels "owned" by her label, with the singer having lack of control over her direction.

Speaking whilst sitting next to artist Grayson Perry and designer Jasper Conran, Allen said:

"I think both of these two are independent and in control. I am part of a machine. I do not necessarily make the decisions I would make for myself as an artist. I am owned by a multi-national corporation. No one makes me do anything because I can put my foot down but it gets f**king exhausting having to argue with people all the time. You just pick your battles."

She added: "What you have heard on the radio station so far [of 'Sheezus'], the contribution of my album is very much the more beige, saccharine elements to what I have made. The reason for that is because the people in control of the radio stations, the people that are in control of the record companies, are too scared to put themselves on the line in case someone gets offended. If I said to my record company I really want to go with this song, they would say 'sure, here is £5 for the video'."

Watch Lily Allen in action below: