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Lily Allen reveals her mantra: 'Ant and Dec. I might get their names tattooed'

Singer Lily Allen has revealed that she admires TV hosts Ant and Dec for they way they approach their career and tries to apply that same sense of hard work to her own lifestyle.

When asked by Pop Justice how she feels about her music career, Allen explained that she looks towards British television hosts Ant and Dec for inspiration because they've enjoyed such longevity:

"You know what, my new mantra is this: ANT AND DEC. Ant and Dec. I might get their names tattooed on each wrist. Because they smile, and they never complain, and it seems to work for them and I wish I could be more like that."

The 'Air Balloon' songstress went on to add that enjoying the 'now' rather than being preoccupied with the future is something else she really tries to stay focused on: "My other mantra is that I don't seem to have any long-term goals. It's not about world domination. I just want enough people to buy this record for my record company to let me do it again."

Watch her new music video for 'Sheezus' here: