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Lily Allen on music piracy: 'People should pay for music instead of stealing it'

'Sheezus' hitmaker Lily Allen has revealed that music piracy is impacting the industry in a way that means singles are being picked for albums based on their accessibility rather than how good the tracks really are.

During an interview with Glamour magazine, the 'Hard Out Here' songstress explained that the way music is released now is very much with maximum profit in mind as opposed to taking into consideration songs that are really worth sharing for their musicianship:

"People fear for their jobs in this economy. No one want to approve something that might offend. But the simple answer is if people paid for music instead of stealing it, we'd be in a position where people would go with their gut instincts instead of being scared of losing their jobs. But I don't blame anybody. I write all my songs. I just feel sad that the record industry doesn't work like it used to y'know?"

She went onto add that she has also become very wary of how the things she says are often misconstrued by journalists in interviews, so now watches what she says:

"Yes, so I have to choose my words more carefully now. Because people are just determined. Times are tough, people need promotion, they need scoops. And they make me look a tit."

Watch footage of Allen's cover shoot for Glamour below: